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Software overview

Unitronics Programming Software

There are three programming packages for Unitronics integrated PLC & HMI's, U90 Ladder which is for programming the Jazz & M90/M91 PLC's. VisiLogic which is for programming the Vision & Samba series of combined PLC & HMI. The latest software from Unitronics is UniLogic; a powerful software for programming the UniStream series of PLC & HMI units. These rhobust & versatile programming packages are included with every purchase of a Unitronics PLC.

Communication Software

To allow third party software to communicate with a Unitronics PLC there is an included OPC Server which only requires that the third party software can act as an OPC client. For the more ambitious programmer there are a set of .Net controls that can be used, as well as an ActiveX COM object, while for legacy systems there is a DDE Server . Finally Unitronics PLC & HMI's also have their own communication protocol called PCOM which can also be used.  All of this software is included with any purchase of a Unitronics PLC.

Remote Access Software

Unistream PLCs can be controlled directly from almost any VNC application. There are also several software packages that can be used to remotely access Jazz, M90/91, Vision & Samba combined PLC & HMI's Remote Operator which can monitor several units at one time, Remote Access which will simply monitor one unit at a time & the new Remote Operator app which allows your smartphone or tablet to control your PLC. These packages allow the HMI screens to be displayed on a PC and allow the mouse to control the PLC.  All of this software is included with all Unitronics' PLCs

Miscellaneous Tools

In order to make the programmer's life a little easier Unitronics have developed a variety of different tools that perform specific functions.  One of the most interesting but simplest is a licencing tool that embeds a licence number into a hidden area of the PLC allowing the programmer to protect intellectual property rights. There are also tools for Data Export and a small suite of programs to manage the onboard SD card files.