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Software Utilities

One of Unitronics' strengths is in the extensive support software, whether it be for remote access or data capture this software is included with any Unitronics PLC.

Remote Operator

The Remote Operator software allows the display & operation of an OPLC from a PC Remote Operator software

Download Manager

Enables simultaneous download of different applications to multiple local or remote OPLCs Download Manager software

Uni Downloader

Uni Downloader allows a VisiLogic program to be loaded into a PLC without the project being opened with VisiLogic. A program can be sent to the customer without the customer being able to open or edit the program. Download Manager software

Remote Access

Enables a PC to access a remote controller. During a Remote Access session, the remote controller is displayed, on-line, on your PC screen. ‘Press’ keypad keys and touch-screen objects, check system status and run-time values, test and troubleshoot problems in remote controllers and applications.

Remote Access software

Remote Operator App

Using Remote Operator you can monitor automation processes, press keys, touch HMI objects, change parameters, view Alarms and process value Trends all without needing to be in the same building as your PLC. You can define and access multiple controllers from a single mobile device.

Remote Operator App


Creates logs of run-time or stored values from Data Tables within local or remote Unitronics PLCs according to a date/time-based schedule. Remote PLC data may be gathered via network or modem connection.

DataXport software

SD Card Suite

SD Card Suite offers:
· The SD Explorer, enabling you to remotely access, download, upload SD data without ever removing it from the PLC.
· The SD Manager, offering a variety of tools to convert, view, edit, and manipulate SD data.

SD Card Suite software

OPC Server

UniOPC Server (Unitronics OPC Server) enables you to read and write data between Unitronics PLCs and applications that support OPC, such as SCADA programs. UniOPC Server is compliant with the OPC Foundation's Data Access Custom Interface Standards through to Version 3.00. GPRS connection - UniOPC Server can be configured as TCP/IP listener (the Vision PLC with the GPRS modem initiates the connection).

OPC Server software

DDE Server

UniDDE (Unitronics Dynamic Data Exchange) enables you to read and write data between Unitronics PLCs and applications that support DDE, such as Excel.

DDE Server software

UniVision Licensing

Create and burn a PLC license into a secure, hidden sector in the PLC. Use these values in your Ladder to activate/deactivate different sections of your application.

UniVision Licensing

Unistream Data Converters Suite

The UniStream Data Converters Suite is a PC application that includes a number of utilities for performing quick and easy data conversions between Unistream data & PDF or excel spreadsheet files.

Unistream Data Converters Suite

PCOM Protocol

This describes the communication protocol used in a PC to interrogate an OPLC.

PCOM Protocol software

COM Object ActiveX

This zip file contains an ActiveX .dll file that can be used to implement SCADA. UnCmDrv1.dll file contains methods and properties for invoking the PLC, read / write, locally or remotely, implementation examples, and an explanation of accessing Data Tables.

COM Object ActiveX dll

.NET Driver

This zip file includes the compiled .NET driver and communication examples.

.NET driver software