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Unitronics Remote Access for PC

Access a remote controller via PC

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The 'Remote Access' software from Unitronics enables you to use a PC to access a remote controller. During a Remote Access session, the remote controller is displayed, on-line, on your PC screen. You can ‘press’ keypad keys and touch-screen objects, check system status and run-time values, as well as test and troubleshoot problems in remote controllers and applications. You can access:

  • Stand-alone controllers that are directly connected to the PC via a cable.
  • Controllers within a network.
  • Either stand-alone or networked controllers via GSM or landline modem.
  • Devices with IP addresses, via Ethernet.

Remote Access can be used with either Vision, Samba or M90/91 controllers. We recommend using the Remote Operator for most scenarios and it can monitor more than 1 unit at a time.

Unitronics Remote Operator