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Westermo Industrial Communications

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i4 Automation have recently joined forces with Westermo Data Communications as an Approved Solution Provider.  i4 Automation's experience and technical knowledge in the automation industry compliments Westermo's communications skills and extends i4's ability to provide remote access solutions to their range of PLC products.

A growing area of the industrial automation market is remote access, the ability to control, monitor and retrieve data from remote sites via the Internet or the GSM/GPRS network.  In order to achieve this reliably Westermo offer a range of products to suit an industrial environment.

Industrial Routing Switches

The Redfox routing switches differ from normal IT equipment providing high reliability, environmental specifications and FRNT redundancy protocol.

Ethernet switches

From a simple unmanaged switch to fast redundant ring switches with recovery times of less than 20ms.

Ethernet extenders

The Wolverine range of Ethernet extenders allow network distances in excess of the normal 100m for copper cable, and they also allow for different kinds of cable to be used, including twisted pair.

Broadband - 3G - GPRS routers

For remote access applications there are a range of broadband routers including ADSL, 3G and GPRS plus wireless capability and VPN support.


For the simple applications that just need a modem we have a variety of modems from PSTN, GSM, leased line and fiber optic.

Serial converters

RS232 to RS485/422, 20ma converters, repeaters, isolators plus a selction of Fieldbus modules to allow connection to those legacy networks.

Contact us with your communications application and we will ensure that you have a robust and reliable result.