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A USB Port Tester with LCD Display

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This item is a very useful little tool for the professional engineer's toolbox.  Simply plug it into a USB port and the LCD display shows what voltage level there is available.  Plug a USB device into the tester's extension port, flick a switch and you can see what current your device is drawing.  USB can supply up to 500mA but is your device pulling more?

Arrive on site to find that old PC is looking rather tired and dusty?  No more wondering if the hardware is working, plug in the USB Port Tester and be reassured that at least there is power for your USB devices.  Dropped your laptop?  Plugged into the wrong electrical phase and blown your USB/RS232 converter?  At least be sure the PC USB port is OK.

Need more power for your USB device?  An external 5V supply port allows you to power your USB device from an external power supply (not supplied).

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