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Jazz/M91 Series Samba Series Vision Enhanced Series Unistream Series

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Welcome to Unitronics

'Our mission is to make automation simple, efficient, & cost-effective.  Our vision is to leverage automation technology with cutting-edge communication technology.'

Since 1989, Unitronics has introduced devices intended to span the divide between industry & communications technology. The OPLCâ„¢ controller series enables bi-directional man-machine communication through a simple user interface.

Unitronics maintains more than 140 distributors in over 50 countries around the globe, enabling customers to purchase products with local technical support.

Clients include such companies as: Coca Cola, Danone, Elf Lub NV, Campina Melkuni Mona, Agfa, Colgate-Palmolive, Quaker Oats, Israel Aircraft Industries, Farm Frittes, Heinz, the Klooftmine Gold Mines, Nestle and more.

Unitronics has been a publicly traded company since October 1999.

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Jazz/M91 Series Samba Series Vision Standard Series Vision Enhanced Series Unistream Series