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Sensopart FA 46
A new generation of vision sensors

FA46 camera image

SensoPart presents the high-end object sensor FA 46 with a significantly enhanced range of functions and a new intuitive user interface.

We have completely redeveloped the software for our well-known vision sensor. The resulting new object sensor offers the user new functions such as position tracking, highly-accurate position detection and multi-level logic functions in addition to particularly clear user guidance.

The new FA 46 object sensor now has much more to offer, particularly during part detection, thanks to the new software. Position detection, in particular, has been improved: the X/Y position and rotational position of an object can be very accurately determined by a contour detector, which means the sensor is ideal for precision applications such as picking and placing parts on a conveyor belt. Apart from the contour detector, three other detection methods (pattern recognition, grey level and contrast) are also available for the detection of parameters.

Position tracking has also been integrated – which has advantages in many applications. It is now possible to reliably detect those features which appear offset or twisted in relation to the taught position on the screen. Position tracking is rendered possible by three different position detectors (pattern matching, edge detection and contour detection). Each inspection task (“job“) can be allocated to one specific position detector which affects all the characteristic checks (“detectors“) defined in the job in question.

Enhanced logic and communication functions

The communication capacities of the previous FA 45 series have been considerably enhanced in addition to improved part detection functions. The new FA 46 now supports the Ethernet/IP field bus standard as well as the automatic acquisition of the IP address from a DHCP server. The digital signal outputs can now largely be freely used with output data compiled specifically for the customer or application.

The extended logic functions are of particular aid when configuring the output data, the user can assign results from the combined or multi-stage analysis of different detectors to the signal outputs. This is done via a user friendly selection menu although the direct input of logical formulas is also possible for advanced users.

FA46 camera image

Simple configuration with intuitive user guidance

The entirely redeveloped user interface immediately catches the eye, providing simple and comprehensible access to the extended functions of the FA 46 object sensor. Set-up is carried out in four navigation steps (job, position tracking, detectors, output), in which the respective relevant functions are selected and adjusted. Context-sensitive online aid assists the user should they be unable to continue or require background information on certain settings, despite the intuitive operating sequence.

The new software has also undergone improvements in matters of security: it is now possible (but not compulsory) to give graded user authorisations (administrator, user) and thus protect critical functions from faulty manipulations. A separate monitoring module with limited operating possibilities (“SensoView”) is available for users without administrator authorisation.

FA 46 available first in two versions, others are to follow

The first product in the FA 46 series is the full version with all the functions described here and a very attractive price performance ratio. There is also a basic version limited, to the main functions, which is considerably more cost effective for less complex applications. Other versions of the new FA 46 vision sensor range (colour sensor, code reader etc.) will follow in the near future.

SensoPart will simultaneously also continue maintaining the previous FA 45 range so that the users in question do not have to “retrain“ on the new software.