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Sensopart product releases - November 2009

Sensopart fork sensor

Light, easy to handle & robust - the plastic fork sensor

If you have ever dealt with the alignment of emitter and receiver of a light barrier used for the detection of very small parts, you know about the advantages of fork sensors that do not require any complex adjustments.

The SensoPart FGL line in a plastic casing has many other advantages, such as particularly innovative mounting possibilities. Read more...

Sensopart Fiber Optic Sensor image

Precise - Gapless - High quality

The new fibre optics light barrier version from SensoPart, LLK2SLR10, is characterized by its parallel and gapless light beam. It enables the detection, counting and checking of very small parts and edges, irrespective of their position and over the whole width of the sensor head, i.e. 15 mm.

The fibre is primarily used with the sensor for plastic fibre optics FL 70 with display. Its big advantage is that with the different operating-mode settings of the sensor, measuring tasks can be handled with an optimum result. Read more..

Sensopart Laser sensor image

Selected laser sensors of our F20/F50 range now
with laser protection class 1

Our F20 and F50 laser sensors have excellent optical performance characteristics and are appreciated for their large range of functions. We now have revised these sensors in order to further improve their usability. With immediate effect, most of the F20 and F50 laser sensors are available with laser protection class 1 instead of class 2.

As a result, there is no need for protective measures (laser marking on site) and rules of conduct (annual briefing of employees concerning the correct behaviour in the laser area) as stipulated for sensors with laser protection class 2 in DIN EN 60825-1. Read more ..

Sensopart Code Reader image

Reading errors eliminated
FA45 code reader with quality parameters

With its new version of the FA45 code reader SensoPart guarantees the legibility of Data Matrix codes for an entire product life cycle through regular analysis of quality parameters.

If one of these Data Matrix codes, common in industrial production and logistic processes, is illegible the product on which it appears can in extreme cases be unusable. It is therefore important not to just regularly test the quality of products but to also check the quality of the applied codes - for example by evaluating the quality parameters stipulated in ISO/IEC 15415 with the aid of SensoPart's FA45 Code Reader. Read more..

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