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Dosing Control Application

The East Anglian based systems integrator was working on a dosing control system, looking for an innovative solution for reducing wiring and increasing functionality. Using a V350 colour touch screen PLC & HMI the customer was able to replace multiple individual controlers with 1 small easily accessable unit.

Customer quote-
"I was looking for a good technical solution to reduce wiring and increase functionality, which I knew would make me most cost effective and enable me to win more business during these competitive times.  I found all this and great pricing along with exceptional technical support with i4 Automation and the Unitronics product."

Customer Explained-
"We replaced several individual controllers, a small PLC and a text screen, all with a single unit with a colour screen and increased functionality.  This reduced wiring as we only had one unit to wire, and increased productivity using a single software package for all our functionality, including screen displays and enabled remote connection via GSM modem.  This gives us the ability to offer our customers added functionality with remote reporting and customer support all of which enable us to be more competitive and offer our customers the competitive advantage that they need to win business."

V350 image panel image

Customer finished with-
"I have also found i4 Automation to have an excellent understanding of applications and their ability to always offer good technical and cost effective solutions.  I would not hesitate to recommend i4 Automation to find out more about how they can help your control application move forward."

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